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    • Farming support


      i think if the admin would restore the farming loss to 0% then he would give a huge boost to the smaller players! I think this would result in a much more spectacular catching up than the various restrictions.
      if with this help a smaller but very active players can raise the 71/71/71 military level very there an opportunity for faster growth than the farming support?

      The number of recruiting castles is limited, thus the resources accumulating in the other castles can be used by smaller players to raise the faster military level.


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    • Reducing the number of recruitment castles is not there to make players grow faster. It's there to ensure that every player can eventually reach the top. Until now, the top was not reachable; as some players had more castles than any other player could ever get. These players already had the castles before conquest certificates and construction car costs were adjusted to ensure a maximum of castles.
      The loot from farming has been reduced to make farming less attractive and to Encourage trade by market. Maybe it also has something to do with the fact that keeping an inactive players alive over V.S. and having multies is less attractive now. ;)

      If you think the smaller players need a boost to catch up by restoring the farming lost to 0%, you have to come up with other arguments and also please also come with ideas to combat the abuse of farming.
    • Hi Halberd.

      Thank you for your answer.

      But I think you misunderstood me a little.

      I'm talking about supporting smaller players!
      I saw on the forum that there were those who said that the market was outdated already.
      I agree with that!
      And that's why I thought maybe we could farm again!?

      For rapid growth, the supply of raw materials (Resources) is important!
      (I may not be right, but I experience this in the real life.)

      This is the fastest way to proactively help players looking to improve. Some players who have been playing for a long time remember this support. (i thint this was worked very well!)

      And that’s why I tried to make a suggestion.

      i am very sorry that you think of me as wanting to give bad ideas to other players!
      I can assure you that was not my goal !!!!!!

      Farming can activate players who want to develop fast much better!

      Best Regards

    • We can also try to adapt the market. I still think the distance between castles shouldn't affect trade. Both within your own castles and in trade between players. Every trade should have the same time. As a result, goods can be moved faster and more trades can be made.