is giving an opinion a risky sport?.

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  • is giving an opinion a risky sport?.

    Good morning, I have been in for a couple of days sporadically for a few minutes due to family issues, and it has been impossible for me to follow the communications, and threads of conversation, especially having to translate those that are German, it is difficult for those of us who do not understand it, although I plan to start learning it.
    That said, I have been told because I have not found where to read it that our mate Urotsukidoji has been banned from the forum and the game, according to the producer of the game for insults towards the administrator or administrators, a colleague has passed me the final part of the conversation thread and I would like to say the following:
    1.- Please mr. producer , If you would be so kind as to tell us what expression do you consider an insult, perhaps the definition of insult is different in each country and we will never try to do it again.
    2.- I do not agree with a player being banned for expressing his opinion.
    2.- The player Urotsukidoji apart from being a veteran player, very active, who invests a lot of money in the game, also encourages and helps his teammates, he is co-leader of the NATO-TAA alliance, it is not acceptable at least for me, that decision, so I will talk with my colleagues to make a decision about it.
    Marfru .
  • Hello,

    1. i don't tell you the exact definition of "insulting" - its not that he insults in a very "bad" (or big) way, he do it again and again - i already ask him after his first post to don't do that again.

    2. no, there are many players who told me in private discussions that they understand my opinion to ban him. Some of them are also in his NATO alliance. So - thats shows me - that im not so false like you think!
    And i don't ban him for "expressing his opinion" - i ban him because he shows no respect to the idea and to the team in multiple cases.

    3. (its a 2nd 2 in your post)
    go for it - i don't let blackmail me.