Flowers and Alien Changes

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    • Flowers and Alien Changes

      Hello Space Pilots,

      Flowers, flowers everywhere!

      From Friday, May 14th, 2021 to Monday, May 31st, 2021 it will rain flowers in Spaceinvasion!
      You can collect them in this given time range - and spend them until (including) 6th June 2021.

      And now, about the event:
      • 10 flowers can be collected per recycling flight on a flower bouquet planet (one flower per recycler)
      • many single flowers appear in the universes (flower hunt)
      • some rubblefields will appear in the universe
      • get 3 times the yield from the interdimensional transmitter!
      • get 3 extra free spins every day for your login!
      • get a one-time double production for 24 hours for 100 spins on the interdimensional transmitter during this time! You can activate this separately in each universe. The Sirius universe only needs 50 activations.
        • Please note that only Urplasma activations or energy reserves count in the counter.

      We wish you a lot of fun on the flower hunt!

      The following changes have also been adopted in all SI Classic universes:
      • the fuel costs for canceled flights will now be reimbursed on a pro-rata basis. A maximum of 90% of the fuel costs can be reimbursed. When a flight is canceled, a new info box gives you information about how much % -distance you have flown and how much spice this safes.
        • Please note: this only applies to flights started after the update
        • the spice is automatically added to your spice (in flight).
      • Spacia - the new Spacia features are now also activated in the universes Nexus, RETRO and Sirius. To do this, all Spacia must be recreated. It can happen that a Spacia that you are approaching is suddenly gone.
        • we will not set up attack protection, as we believe that nobody flies with large fleets on Spacia
        • In the future, Spacia will regularly upgrade or downgrade the buildings (mines and warehouses). This depends, among other things, on how often she is attacked. Spacia that are attacked often will upgrade more often.
        • Spacia will regularly move their planets. This happens within a radius of here first spawn. She does not “hike” through the galaxy, but stays in the area.
      • A change has been made to the bashing rule for Spacia only. It is now only possible to attack Spacia once in 24 hours.
        • AZ15 and lower players can still attack Spacia 3 times in 24 hours
        • it was added for the specialization “Fleeter” in point 2 and point 4 that they can attack Spacia 2 (point 2) or 3 times (point 4)
        • In point 4, the researcher was also given the opportunity to attack Spacia once more (2 times) in 24 hours.
      • Aliens - we also took care of your problems and suggestions about the aliens
        • more aliens are spawned in the universe now. Also more blue and red ones are spawning now.
        • The Red Aliens will now have more mentor stars as a reward
        • Ship requirements will very often now have the ships “Small Fighter” or “Phoenix”. However, only one of these 2 types of ship will be required in the future. The other ships can still be used in any configuration.
        • the alien side was rebuilt. You will now find a menu in the upper area that separates the attack wave, emblem (shop) and alien scanner.
        • the cooldown (waiting time) when purchasing items in the emblem shop has been changed. Unfortunately, this change now means that all cooldowns have to be reset.
          • In the future you can use 2 cooldowns. A cooldown is always triggered by an item. So you can purchase 2 different items, but as soon as you have acquired the planet move, a cooldown of 180 days runs for them. So you cannot buy another planet move, but you can buy another item from the cooldown category.
        • the new “Alien Scan” function is now available to everyone!
          • this scanner lists all black holes that are in the range of your planets (+/- 5 systems).
          • You can activate an extended scan for 120 minutes for 10 Urplasma. Then all black holes from the entire universe will be listed for you.

      We hope you like the changes and innovations!

      We wish you a lot of fun in space - stay healthy.

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion team