Planet and asteroid

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  • Planet and asteroid

    can we please look at changing the bash rules for planets and asteroids.

    Reason I say this is because when we say bash rule it means no more the 3 attacks on a planet asteroid unless your in a alliance and at war then it’s 5.

    My issues is that the rules contradict them selfs, 3 attack total on a planet with a asteroid is wrong, the asteroid is not part of the planet thus meaning the bash rule should not stick.

    Should be 3 attacks on planet, 3 attack on asteroid
  • Where did you get the 5 attacks on war opponents? I have just checked it against if I had missed something and was able to determine that there are no attack restrictions with war opponents. Means that you can attack infinitely against war opponents. So at least in general. Exceptions here are any special university configurations. In general, 3 attacks per coordinate apply, here it does not matter whether planet or asteroid. This has not caused any problems in recent years. So why now?
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