In Tournament, Please Make Overview Of Knights Vertically Scrollable

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    • In Tournament, Please Make Overview Of Knights Vertically Scrollable

      During the tournament, if a player clicks on a knight, either his or from the opponent, a list of 10 knights with their stats is displayed, numbered from 1 to 10 from top to bottom corresponding to their current assignment in the tournament rounds.

      When this list is displayed on my laptop, with the browser full screen at normal resolution, I can only see the first 7 knights. I have to zoom out the browser to see the entire list. At which point the text for the stats is so small that I can barely read it, even with reading glasses. If I don't zoom out the browser, the text size is easily readable.

      It would be great if the list was shown in a vertically scrollable pane.

      What would be even better is if the own knights and opponent knights were BOTH shown at the same time, side by side. It would make it much easier to decide whether to move a different knight into the current round.
    • My normal browser is Firefox and I have that problem also. That problem and others. Damoria pages are not firefox (and others maybe) friendly.
      Try use Chrome. With chrome (maybe others also) not such problems.

      Showing both players knights at the same time seems a good ideia to me. Maybe even moving them.
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