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  • Gards - Sale off

    Sale off

    I don't have time to maintain a high competitive level. I've been using too much time for weeks or months. I will continue in the tournaments but at a lower level.
    I, like others before, will make someone happy. :) I guess.
    My entire collection will be auctioned. Almost everything - I will keep two guards with the best equipment. To face the top guys if that's the case.
    Some of the equipment was purchased and as such cannot be sold but the one that has the most value is mine, original, and will go to auction.

    Part I
    Everyone will have their chance. All. Grandes e pequenos. After all, it is an open auction.
    All items, regardless the quality, will go on sale for 100,000 thalers.
    There will be two daily sales periods. Around (CET) 8H00 (am) and 21H00 (pm).
    In any of the periods, various items will be auctioned. From helmet to blessing. About 10 items per period.
    (in 3-4 days the collection will be dispatched)
    During this period, before and after, I will continue to sell items that I find in the meantime. The value of these items will tend to be the base value.
    Any item that I don't use on my 2 knights will be auctioned regardless of its quality. The quality "brake" I use to put items up for auction will disappear.

    Part II
    I will equip knights with items purchased from various levels.
    2 equipped between level 20-30
    2 equipped between level 30-40
    4 equipped between level 40-49 - one of these exclusively purple.
    For this I will have to buy at the auction of course. I will tend to buy from those who bought from me. Not necessarily - my will.
    As my horses do not eat thalers (yet) I will be generous in offers as long as there is money. When it's over ... I'll buy what I can, if I can.

    Stay tuned. I plan to withdraw next week. I'll give you 24h notice here.
    (© 2012 - Once upon a time...)

    W1 - 124
    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
  • The trigger to start the sale would be 30 readings of this post and available time. This post has not been read 30 times and I am facing some familiar problems that will probably take time from now. Anyway, if nothing else happens, the sale will start on Thursday the 29th, at around 8 am CET.
    Until then, I will sell all "11 items" and others above my auction sale limit.
    100,000 equipment in use. Determined hours.
    50 000 unused equipment. At any time.
    At the same time and in the following days, depending on my time available, I will start to buy according to the plan.

    Good hunting. Enjoy and make good use of it.
    (© 2012 - Once upon a time...)

    W1 - 124
    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
  • Demobilization is taking place.
    More or less according to the plan. The knights stopped looking for the grail - now they are mainly dedicated to production - resources and / or troops. :thumbup:
    The least according to the plan, is the lack of good quality items of low level in the market. I'm in the market to buy low-level weapons, but I don't want scrap. I look for red and purple items.
    Without salespeople selling something after buying top-level items, I can't spend my stack of coins ... Horses, now idle, will have to find a new diet ... :S

    May the struggles be tougher. May the best win but not always be the same. ;)
    Effort, dedication, devotion and glory. :P

    This comment does not constitute a purchase promise. :saint:
    (© 2012 - Once upon a time...)

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    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
  • Scheduled demobilization completed. Everything sold or at auction.

    But ... something has to change in the next version of the tournament. Even with 7 knights excised from the best, I didn't make it to the final due to lack of attention.

    Tomorrow I will begin to reconfigure the knights. Buy, equip, compare. Then I will start fighting to reach the final round. However without stress this time.
    (© 2012 - Once upon a time...)

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    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
  • As a distraction, only, for the real discussion about the game taking place in another topic.

    I'm rearranging my guards. I have only completed half the task yet. I'm going in the middle. It is a hassle to organize guards by level and color ... When I complete I will return to the market to improve weapons and sell the surplus - whatever the quality.
    What can I say about my big plan?
    - My stress decreases a lot;
    - In the market, you can only get scrap or a little more. Apart from a few, few items;
    - Even when rearranging the guards and with a significant decrease in power, I moved from the top 4 to the top 8;
    - Top 8, after supplying the best weapons to the competition.

    This mini-game needs fixing. Much.But the urgent arrangement is being discussed on another topic. Finally. Fortunately.
    (© 2012 - Once upon a time...)

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    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
  • Dont stress yourself about a minigame :)
    It is great when you just play it like you can play it without feeling any pressure. The fun factor is important.

    Lets see how the next season of the guards is. This is overall a very nice test season and a great start of a new minigame with a lot of announced ideas and upcoming changes.
    ID 255 in World 1 Damoria
    ID 171 in World 2 Damoria

    Ein Bier ist kein Bier.
    Wer zwei trinkt, kann auch drei trinken.
    Nach drei Bier, hol ich mir doch noch ein Viertes.
    Ach komm, was ist schon ein Sixpack.
    Hmm der leere Kasten ist mein Kopfkissen.
    Heute kauf ich mir eine Brauerei.

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  • I have a major defect, when I do something I always try my best. I may or may not be the best but I do my best. If I do my best I dont mind if I am not the best! Even if I am the worst. Damoria's game is no different.
    Doing the best, trying to be the best does not imply an obsession. I can, as I did, free myself from "obligation". I'm still in the mini-game doing my best at a lower level. As in the base game ever since ... long long time...
    What is certain is that Damoria takes up too much of my time (My activity has never stopped due to Covid, I cannot telework. The work has even complicated and is in-situ). As long as I want and can. I'm not sure why. Stubbornness maybe. Since 2012, I know that I have no chance of being big and powerfull - for many reasons that I will not discuss now. I hope that the discussion on the other active topic will be beneficial for everyone.
    Conclusion: What I intend is a lighter game (and mini-games), that implies less time spent, that makes us happy (players and owners) and that is more equitable. Maybe it's asking too much ...
    (© 2012 - Once upon a time...)

    W1 - 124
    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
  • Thread is closed.

    Like i say - the pushing of specific players is forbidden.
    Yes, its allowed (or tolerated) for attacking Vacation-Players, or trading / shipping resources. But there, we also implemented ways to make this un-attractive.

    So i told this also to you so often. Didnt saw that thread here.

    I look into that and if i see, what i got from many players, a unfair pushing of players with items and thalers, i will exclude you from the next guard season.