Your Guards: Fame Update

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    • Your Guards: Fame Update

      Hello Damorians!

      Today we launched the new “Fame” feature. Your Guard Knights can now receive fame for you. In the first version, you can only get fame through the daily tournament.

      For participating in the tournament you will receive:
      • Fame worth your place, so place 1 would get 100 fame, place 50 would get 51 fame. It doesn't matter how many fights you have won or lost, the ranking determines the fame.
        • at least 10 fame will be obtained
        • if you haven't signed up, you won't get any fame!
      • for the top 8 players there is an additional 50 fame

      You can exchange fame for bonuses on the Guard site.
      The “resource bonus” is only enabled for one castle. The other bonuses are available across the account.

      Feel free to give us your feedback on the Fame Update!

      We wish you a lot of fun in Damoria and good luck in the tournament arena!

      Your Damoria team