Easter-Speed: Spice Transfer

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    • Easter-Speed: Spice Transfer

      Hello Space Pilots!

      we have just activated the spice transfer from the Easter universe.
      To start this transfer, select the SpaceInvasion account with which you participated in the Speed Universe.
      Then select the last item “Account Transfer” in the universe list on the start page. By clicking on “plan”, you can specify from which universe (Easter Speed) to which (Nexus, RETRO or Sirius) the Spice value should be transferred.
      Please note: As announced, the maximum applies to 5 billion Spice (Nexus RETRO) and 1 billion Spice (Sirius)

      The Spice transfer is carried out immediately after starting.
      In the game, in the economy overview (menu item: “Spice Transfer”) there you can pay out the Spice to the selected planet (your active planet right now) which you got from the transfer.
      Payouts to different planets are possible with a cooldown of 1 hour. The daily limit is 250 million Spice.

      Spice Transfer is available in next 14 days.

      We thank you for all the feedback on the Speed Universe and hope you had a nice few days, even if it wasn't so relaxing for some of you :)

      Your SpaceInvasion team