FAQ on our Halloween-Curse-Event

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  • FAQ on our Halloween-Curse-Event

    Hello Space Pilots

    As we have noticed, some questions came up regarding the running Halloween Event. We would like to provide you here with some clarifying information.

    Build ammunition! You can build one ammunition per minute.

    Disturb Curses:
    With enough ammo, you can scroll through the maps of the galaxy map to find a cursed planet system (recognizable by the skull sun).
    Just click on the sun and the action starts!
    Progress counts for the entire universe; so if you are not active, it may be your friends or enemies!

    Bonus Levels:
    From 1000 cleaned systems you get a 3x production instead of the 2x basic production; from 2000 cleaned systems a 4x production!

    Return of Curses:
    At 0:00 CET and 12:00 CET every day, all systems are cursed again and the battle begins again!

    We hope to have clarified the last open questions with this information.
    Have fun at our Halloween event!

    Best wishes
    Your SI-Team