Easter 2021

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    • Hello Damorians!

      the Easter Bunny is ready for her work here in the Damoria realm.
      From Thursday April 1st up to and including April 25th you can collect Easter eggs. These can then be exchanged for great bonuses.

      You can get Easter eggs through:
      • Bandit camp attacks (at least 100,000 units)
      • the hen house building
      • by searching on Damoria's pages
      • the spells of the magician

      A few information about the event:
      • the hen house will be set to level 0, as announced
      • the building sites for the hen house do not count towards the building sites for the castle
      • the treasure chamber extension is reset as with every major event
      • we have got your feedback from last year and will increase the yield of red Easter eggs this year

      The Easter Crusade
      From Thursday, 8 p.m. (CEST) to April 11, 8 p.m. you can take part in our Easter crusade.
      25 attacks can be launched each day.
      You have 2000% troop strength that you can distribute at the start.

      Extra discount in the shop
      You will also receive 20% extra discount in the shop from Thursday up to and including Monday!

      We wish you a lot of fun searching! Stay healthy!

      Your Damoria team