Easter event 2021

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    • Easter event 2021

      Hello Space Pilots!

      and the Easter bunny is back too!
      This year we want to invite you to the Easter Speed Universe from Thursday, April 1st (7 p.m. CEST) to Monday, April 5 (10 p.m. CEST).

      The following setup will take place:
      Speed: 200x
      Flight speed: 100x
      Min.flight time (attacks): 5min
      Planets: 20
      Structure: 2 galaxies each with 400 systems

      No premium features (not even a trade assistant) will be active! The tutorial is available to you.

      After this, you can:
      • transfer to the universes Nexus or RETRO up to 5 billion Spice
      • or in the universe of Sirius up to 1 billion Spice
      • please note: a transfer to the SI2 universe is currently not planned!

      The Spice will be displayed in the Spice Transfer Account and you can withdraw up to 250 million Spice there every day.

      Furthermore, the following will be activated in all universes from Thursday up to and including Monday:
      • get 10 additional int. transmitter free spins for your login every day
      • you can collect 100 treasure chests every day - there is gold in them. We will provide you with lots of treasure chests so that everyone can take part in the speed universe
      • Exchange the gold from the treasure chests for great bonuses!
      • get 3 times the yield from the interdimensional transmitter
      • get 10% discount on everything in the shop!

      We wish you a few peaceful Easter days - stay healthy!

      We can already hear the flowers sprout! It will be time to collect the spring flowers soon :)

      Your SpaceInvasion Team