Game stopped on its tracks and couldnt login for a few hours

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    • Dschibait wrote:

      rogeriods wrote:

      dark angel wrote:

      thanks for the info


      don't worry, your fleet will most likely be restored
      Im pretty sure, from what moderator wrote, that fleets wont be given back... shamefull really.
      can you give me your userid and universe?
      In SI2 you didn't create any new ticket about fleet return.

      Although i dont agree with censoring what players write in foruns, as long as players dont clearly offend others, I have to be fair and thus stand corrected, by saying that the fleet lost has been returned.
    • i want to say that a player who dont create a ticket, stress in forum and brings just blaming, no respect and (i understand that you are angry about the situation) finally don't bring anything to the goal.

      There are so many other players here they also lost stuff, and you see that they blame me?
      I dont censoring here anything, but blame (i also saw that edit from your post ;)) and non helping answers brings us both nothing - do you think so?

      finally, i searched your battles (without an ticket) what shows, that also your case is important for me.