unexpected big bang - in memory of??

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    • unexpected big bang - in memory of??

      Hello space pilots, a short story about this battle report :


      While spying in general and looking for gifts, I stumbled upon a planet that was full of resources, but without any transmitters. Briefly checked the name - my old leader? True?
      I hadn't heard from him for a while, he had left the alliance for personal reasons - nobody knew exactly why. Any way - all of his planets were full of resources – just only one wasn't.
      And that was very close to one of my colonies. But the planet wasn't finished yet and it wasn't certain whether his fleet was really stationed there.

      So all of his planets checked. Should I or should't I? - at the end I flew to the planets that were near me. At least pick up a few resources and maybe find the fleet later. Bad conscience - yes, of course. :S At the same time, the colony was expanded at full speed - now with the event, you can accelerate a lot. In that case i helps a lot!!! :thumbsup:

      In between, to be on the safe side, shortly before the impact of my ships, I checked whether there were any ships on the planets. But one attack after another went through without any problems. So he really wasn't online. Still bad conscience - yes, of course- but- that's the way, life (and finally the game) goes.
      And sure enough - a few hours later his fleet was on the planet. Now it was a matter of time - will the teleporter be ready and charged in time? At the end, I used all of the collected gifts to finish all the buildings quickly. Spied a few more times - still everything there. Since it was a huge fleet, the battle would not be win without a lot of own losses. No matter - flew off with the concentrated fleet, the recycle ships short after and hoped. Bad conscience? - too late for.... :D
      Heart rate to 180/100. <3
      When I hit I lost almost 20% of my own fleet, so I had to recycle the full rubble field to get out of the battle without losses and with a profit.

      And there was the next problem - of course I didn't have enough recycle ships and at the end I had to fly 3 times to recycle the entire field of rubble. Less than half an hour later, after digesting all the losses and collecting the resources, he came online. Fair as I know him, he congratulated me - just bad luck on the save time or he was somehow stopped like that - I don't know. I still don't know why he left alliance and if he'll keep playing - if not so, we'll lose a great player. It's a shame - I hope he'll come back one day.

      @Stephane - sorry, that's it again with your first place :P - but at the end I deserved it - with the enormous losses. Now it is time to come closer to Top 10 again...

      Regards and stay healthy @all
    • Erst einmal ein Gratz an dich, auch hier im Forum.

      Du hast die Frage gesellt warum ich die Ally verlassen habe.
      Da wir immer Dauerkrieg mit dq hatten und meine Arbeit mich im Moment zu sehr in Anspruch nimmt war die Gefahr groß
      geschossen zu werden. Ich wollte keinen Kriegs-KB liefern sollte es passieren. Wie man sieht es kann schneller gehen als man denkt.
      Ich musste auf der Arbeit einspringen (Kollege ausgefallen) und das hat länger gedauert als geplant.
      Meine Hoffnung war das es gut geht, war leider nicht so.
      Ok, ich hatte meinen In game Nick geändert, du siehst einen roten Feind (gibt ja nicht viele) spiost siehst Ress und dann nahm es seinen lauf.
      ich bin froh das du es warst und kein anderer, deshalb nochmal ein Gratz, man was war das für ein Knall

      in diesem Sinn alles gut und Gruß

      PS: ob ich weiter mache weis ich noch nicht, werde wohl die Tage erst mal den U-Mode setzen