Battle System

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    • Battle System

      Hello Astronauts,
      I can't find neither on the site nor on the forum anything about the battle system. I tried the simulator but it's kind of nonsense, like phoenix VS battleship:

      The attacking fleet fires 1 times with a firepower of 320 + X damage points.
      The defending fleet is damaged by 300 damage points. (which is its shield?)
      The defending fleet fires 1 times with a firepower of 300 + X damage points.
      The attacking fleet is damaged by 180 damage points. (it's shield again)

      Battleship wins after 4 same exact rounds like this, while both structures are greater than 50000.
    • I didnt get it - you want to leave because of a combat system which was 12 years old - there are a million of players in bipgoint and bitmeup times, who play with this system - now you "think" that it makes no sense because of some "rng"factors which you are not seen and you want to leave?

      When this is the fact i should leave also many of my games which i play :D i also didnt see the exact calculation for heroes of the storm attacks or for some rng crits in world of warcraft.

      So - the combat system is not what you can "calculate" to the last number down - its more kind of a "good feeling" for the setup /against someone, or not. The simulator should bring you better into this "feeling of a good ending".

      But, this is the spirit of spaceinvasion and what it defines.