Merge moved - knight battles

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    • Merge moved - knight battles

      Hello Damorians!

      Today we want to announce a change to our plans for Damoria.
      BitMeUp has published its own game (Mebula) in addition to SpaceInvasion and the takeover of Damoria. Our plans were to bring another game (browser and mobile) online in an alpha version this year.
      Due to various events, including illness on my part (Dschibait; no corona), we are currently in difficulty meeting various deadlines that we have set.
      I'm introducing this announcement on purpose so that you can see that the following changes to our plans for Damoria are really not easy for me. But I have to make decisions (as the only programmer) that best suit the company (thus all games).

      We have therefore decided to move the announced merge of World 1 and World 2. We are currently assuming that we can set a new date (from February 2021) to May / June 2021.

      I would like to discuss this with you as frankly as I can well imagine that some players will be disappointed. Especially with Damoria's difficult past, this decision gave me a lot of headache. I have different deadlines to keep for Damoria. The guard and the tournament and this merge - the guard feature should continue to be completed on schedule.
      SpaceInvasion features also had to be moved.

      The Knight Battles:
      After this announcement, we would still like to introduce you to a new feature.
      For the Guard (your Guard Knights) you now have the opportunity to fight. This combat system is used for the later tournament system.

      On the website:

      You have 2 teams with up to 3 knights each compete against each other. All you have to do is enter the combat identity of a knight from the game in the corresponding line.
      You can find the combat identity on the knight overview page (top right, above the stats)

      All knights can currently compete against each other. World 2 players can also compete against World 1 players.
      Your own knights can also compete against each other. However, each knight may only be placed once in a fight.

      You do not have to look at this fight "player" or the fights during the tournament. On the tournament overview you will already see “who” won the fight. But to see “how close” or “how exactly” the fight went, we decided to do a fight simulation.

      We have activated a 2-fold resource speed for this weekend (from Friday to Sunday).

      We wish you a lot of fun with the guard, fighting and of course also in the Damoria Empire - stay healthy!

      Your Damoria team