ideas before migration

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    • ideas before migration


      here are 2 proposals before migration

      first proposals: that damoria should remove all the gray castles of damoria to free up space for migration

      2nd proposal that Damoria make all players who are banned for life turn gray, this would give Damoria a little activity at the end of the year black with COVID19

      this would still give more memory and space on the card which will be, it must be said, well filled after the migrations from eu2 to eu1

      I think all players will be content


    • Hi,

      i will talk with the team about that (the team will think about this)

      to point 2:
      i think that we cant switch them out of ban, to make them gray - most of them are multies which are simply not allowed to play at all - some of them are bug users.

      so if we go for a solution here, it will looks like that we maybe remove them all from the game without going gray.
    • I understand

      I did not know how many players are banned for life and how many castles this represents but I think that it must still do a lot, make them all turn gray at the same time without warning it would allow all players to attack everything its castles at the same time and that would put a lot of action in damoria for a few days, it could make a beautiful gift around the Christmas holidays