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    • calculate military force


      I would like to know a little better how and calculated the military force because when I demolish a very small castle of 12 million point I lose 3.5 point in military force whereas I should gain military force because I have less small castles



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      I understand very well but in my case

      I demolish about 20 castles which spanked between 15 and 65 million points and at the same time take 12 gray castles which are between 200 and 750 million but in the end I lose 77 points of military force this is enormous while I have less castles but which have more point and produce more troops so my military strength should be stronger than at the beginning and no less strong


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      I will try to explain without giving essential
      information about the calculation.

      Let's stick to "your case":
      first of all, the caluclation isn't made in "real time".
      It's "updated" at a specific time, so if you tear down
      a castle or loose a battle, this doesn't change the
      shown number at once. (it will take some time)
      You "took" and "lost" some castles. This changed
      your score, BUT you also lost troops, which also
      was reflected in your score.
      I don't spoil any secret by saying that troops are
      affecting the score more than castles, because
      some examples in the past had clearly shown than.
      Do your own math by comparing the percentage
      of lost troops and gained castlepoints and you will
      notice that.
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      I therefore reformulate my statements

      I demolished 20 castles which spanked between 15 and 65 million and at the same time I took 12 castles (gray) which spanked between 200 and 750 million points, the 12 castles had 0 troops so I was not lost troops but at the end of the day I see that I have lost 77 points of military strength

      I therefore believe that I should have gained military strength because I demolished 20 small castles and gained 12 large castles so that strengthens me
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      I think your military drops, because :

      Your 20 demolished castles have had more military buildings like stable, barack, catapult, wall, senat, military training grounds, tournament field?

      The new 12 castles may had 0 wall and maybe less military buildings in total ?

      ID 255 in World 1 Damoria

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      I understand 08/15 that you did not want to give more details so as not to have managed to understand the calculation and therefore estimated the number of troops of a player but we can already do it, I made my calculations , I got about how much a castle and a baldurs in military force are worth, I continue to work on it.

      Hochstedter no precisely the small castles had levels around 30 to 50 and the new castles have levels between 50 and 80 which is why I do not understand