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    • Hello Space Pilots!

      this year there is a new round of “Generation Next SpaceInvasion Speed” or short GeNeSIS! Today we want to give you all informations about GeNeSIS3

      Start: October 2nd, 2020 8 p.m. (CEST)
      End: October 2nd, 2022 23:59:59 (CEST)
      Speed: 4x
      Flight speed: 2x
      Min flight time (attacks): 5min
      Planets: 15
      Astros: 3
      Galaxies: 4 Galaxies with 400 Systems each

      The interdimensional transmitter will be activated on November 27th. The Halloween event is likely to have different values than other universes.

      Transfer to other universes:
      You can then transfer your account back to the RETRO or Nexus universe.
      Restrictions are activated (as in GeNeSIS²) that the universe speed is deactivated for research and building construction from a level of the maximum level of these 2 target universes.
      Alternatively, you have the option of transferring 20% of the account value in Spice to one of the target universes. You can then have this Spice paid out to you daily via the Transfer Spice account. Please note there will be a maximum Spice Value for this transfer option of 100,000,000,000 Spice (100 Billion).

      What is special about this universe?
      In addition to functions like “Aliens” and “Super Computer”, there will be other innovations. Here we introduce them to you:

      The Spectral Mode:
      This new mode is offered to all players parallel to the vacation mode. It is a special game style that you cannot attack and cannot be attacked in this mode. However, you only continue to produce with 25% production, you can continue to build buildings or ships and carry out transports and stationing (to your own planets) or colonize new planets.

      Here are a few key points about the new spectral mode:
      • Activation of the mode takes 24 hours
        • during activation, no active attacks (or AKS) are allowed
        • You are not allowed to start any attacks during the start time or during the spectral mode
        • Attacks can continue to be launched on you during this activation (start) time. However, it is not apparent to other players that you are entering this mode
        • Attacks that were launched on you will continue to fly even after activating the spectral mode and can cause you damage!
        • through Urplasma (50 Urplasma) you can enter the spectral mode directly. Attacks still fly on!
        • after entering the spectral mode you can exit it again directly
        • after exiting a spectral mode, you can only re-enter the mode after 3 days.
      • List of functions in spectral mode:
        • The following flight options are available. All flight times are increased by 10 times
          • Transports and stationing on themselves
          • only transports from other players can be received. So no espionage, attacks or other actions or interactions are possible.
          • You cannot carry out any actions (attacks, espionage, galaxy scanners or transports) on other players yourself
          • Event flights (treasure hunt, spooky flight, Santa flight) are possible, but also take 10 times longer
        • building construction is possible in spectral mode. The time is increased by 100% (2 times)
        • In the spectral mode, ships and defense units can be built. The time is increased by 10 times
        • Research continues at normal speed and has no restrictions (except for GeNeSIS3 maximum time restrictions, see above)
        • Planet moves are possible in the spectral mode. The restrictions are still active after leaving.
        • the daily login, the Int. Transmitter and all payment functions can be used
        • the resource production is reduced to 25% (4 times).
        • On the galaxy map, players in spectral mode are marked with a white color.
        • Players are not put into inactivity by the system from spectral mode (see vacation mode). After 90 days, a player in spectral mode is automatically deleted without turning yellow beforehand.

      The new VIP program:
      We want to reward players who spend Urplasma in the GeNeSIS3 with various bonuses.
      You can spend researched, charged or won Urplasma to activate different levels of the VIP program and get better and better bonuses.
      Here is an overview of which bonuses are offered:
      • get a VIP production (up to 10%) for all your planets
      • get additional int. transmitter free spins every day
      • get additional invisible attacks on aliens
      • get more statistics sheets for free use
      • activate the favorites bar (planet favorites) for the GeNeSIS3

      We look forward to entering a new speed round with you.
      If you are interested in joining GeNeSIS3 as a new game operator, we invite you to apply to us using the GO button

      We wish you a lot of fun in Space! Stay healthy!

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion team
    • Hello Space Pilots!

      Unfortunately there was a problem yesterday that the 10,000 point attack protection was not activated in the GeNeSIS3 - we have now activated this afterwards.

      Furthermore, the team decided that for the subsequent transfer to the Nexus and RETRO, we will also allow you to transfer the GeNeSIS3 account and (if you have) the existing Nexus or RETRO account is transferred to your transfer Spice account.
      The maximum of 100 billion Spice remains, also for Nexus and RETRO accounts.

      We wish you a lot of fun in GeNeSIS3!

      Your SpaceInvasion team