Suggestions and fixes so far

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    • Suggestions and fixes so far

      [*]Discard quests after 3 hours manually instead of auto 24 hours. Why punish for not being able to build 3 top tier items?
      [*]Fix research tab never showing time until resources collected, same for fleet.
      [*]Quite not reasonable that "fastest" engine on paper ships are slower. At least change desc?
      [*]Fix time not switchable from GMT +2 (at least for now it's +2), despite settings and whatever.
      [*]SUGGESTION: Let user disable some types of messages. I am tired of constant deletion of "fleet return" or whatever useless types there are. You already have filters. Make them obsolete by option.
      [*]Fix negative energy in economics tab. It should show how much it's negative, not how much currently is in usage.
      [*]Another suggestion: Let user optionally disable "Continue" screen after starting fleet. Loading pages when scouting from Fleet control becomes obnoxious because of this.