castle destruction

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    • Hello .SHADOW.,

      I'm not sure I understand the problem: You've conquered a gray castle and ordered it to be demolished. Has the castle disappeared or is it still there?
      If the castle has disappeared but you did not have the goods yet, you have to take into account that the goods still need to be transported. You can see the time of arrival at the bottom of the destroy page.
      If this is not the problem, please give your ingamename, player ID, world, and name of the castle to be demolished and / or the name of the castle(s) to which the resources must go, so a teammember can take a look.
    • I think I understand the problem. In the past, we could destroy gray castles immediately after conquering. But now I guess they have time
      player id:1736
      game bame: ATANASİO
      Castles names are: LGH ELCUERVİTO 03-04-05-06

      Thank you
    • Hi

      There is a castle destructuon bug

      I write now in german

      Hier gibt es definitv einen Bug beim Abreiss Prozess (Nicht Sofort Abriss)

      Ich habe 40 kleine Schloesser zur deomlierung in Auftrag gegeben.

      Jedes der Schloesser gibt ca. 450 Millionen Ressourcen in Summe. Die Abrisszeit war 1Tag 20 Stunden

      Die Zeit läuft beim Abreissen runter. Die Punkte und lvl des Schlosses werden auch kleiner

      Der Abriss endet aber abrupt eins zwei Stunden vor endgültigem Abriss. Das führt dazu dass das Schloss nun ganz klein ist und man erneut auf Abriss klicken muss. Man bekommt aber nur noch lächerliche 5000 Ressoufcen in Summe :). ALLE anderen Ressourcen sind verloren.

      Ich klicke das jetzt mal nicht an.

      Schau mal nach dem Schloß in meinem Account

      ZzzzWeltenburger Barock Dunkel
      B057 Burgkrone Premium

      Ich habe definitv nicht kurz vor Ende auf Abbruch des Abriss Prozesses geklickt:)., vor allem nicht in 3 Schloessern und mehr

      Achja ID 255, Welt 1, Hochstedter :)

      Es handelt sich nur um einen Anzeigefehler. Die Schloesser werden weiterhin abgerissen.
      ID 255 in World 1 Damoria

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    • Halberd wrote:

      yes, a grey castle is also contested after conquest and will take some time before you can demolish.

      Normal castles can be demolished 2 days after takeover.
      For Golden Castles is a 7 day period after takeover.
      This is not right. Although a conquered gray castle is contested for 14 days, you can destroy it immediately if you are the first new owner. The other characteristics such as that players can attack the castle Independent of military rank and a changed value of the wall do apply.
    • i have 5 new gray castles and "this castle is contested 11 day etc." is writing on the left board. when i click on demolish castle i saw 1 day 19 hour for the demolish. my question is this:
      If I try to destroy the castles, how long will it be destroyed? 11 day or 1 day 19 hour?
      my castles names are LGH ELCUERVİTO 7-8-9-10-11-12.

      I want to learn this, I would be glad if you give information.