Alien Invasion!

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    • Alien Invasion!

      Hello Space Pilots!

      this weekend too, new tasks await you in the universe!

      • tomorrow, Friday, September 11th, the first wave of attacks on aliens will start in the SI Classic! We thank you for the hardworking testers in the Aurea universe
      • we have increased (10x) the additional Spice you get when attacking black holes with ship requirements!
      • We were able to collect a lot of data in the test university, but still want to point out that such a feature could not have the correct rewards or requirements in the first week. We take a critical look at all the data and ask you to remain realistic with the Spice output and requirements. Please report if you think that something is incorrect!
      • Last week we set the maximum research time in all SI Classic universes to 360 days. We have shortened ongoing research that takes longer so that the already researched time is counted into these 360 days limitation
      • We have now set the maximum research time in SI2 to 360 days
      • the galaxy scanner has been changed so that it can no longer be used after a planet move (for 7 days)

      We just booked the rewards for the Aurea Test Universe.

      We wish you a lot of fun and good luck in the fight against the aliens!

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion team