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      Who is willing to help translate the game's new features?
      Helping the community - our colleagues - our countrymen.

      I am willing to help translating English to Portuguese pt-pt (pt-br I think they will understand). If I have to, I can help in German to Portuguese - with faults probably ...
    • We are planning (for Damoria and also other games) a portal where anyone can participate in translating stuff. We also want (for good translations) to reward these players.

      We have a own format so translating something brings nothing here - base problem here is that damoria is one of the games which used another translation engine at bigpoint - so spaceinvasion and also other games from us, based on the first translation "tool".

      Thats end up in that fact that i have to switch damoria to the "other" system beside that i need to write that tool, that translators can translate :)
      That takes time.

      I feel with you that playing in english isnt such a good experience like in your mother language. At bigpoint darmoai has the luck that there is a big tranlator department, where they inhouse translate stuff. thats what we cant do right now.