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    • Your Guards

      Hello Damorians!

      Some players have already speculated here in our forum about the function behind this new “Your Guards” teaser.
      Today we want to tell you about it, explain this feature and already initiate the test phase!

      What is the new "Your Guard" feature?
      Like the Crusade, this new event mini-game is an add-on for Damoria to activate additional bonuses for the main game. Recruit up to 10 knights for your guard. You can send them on missions, train them and equip them with items.

      There is a new currency called “Thaler”. You can get these through missions of your knights. You can sell equipment or trade on the marketplace to get more Thalers or to buy better equipment.

      What can your Guard Knight do?
      The following functions are available to your knight:
      • Training
        • Your Guard Knight can improve various skills. these are:
          • Accuracy: your critical hit chance is increased
          • Strength: your combat strength is increased
          • Speed: you are faster on missions
          • Intelligence: you find more items
        • Training costs not only time, but also thalers
      • Missions:
        • your knight has to do missions for your castles. You are always offered 5 missions per knight. These can be patrol, defense, raid and mystical missions!
        • In addition to thalers, you also receive a reputation improvement or deterioration on missions. This allows you to define your reputation in the castle where your knight is staying. Your Guard Knight can be savage or kindly!
        • your knight must of course also explore his lands. On missions you can receive an exploration factor that unlocks a trader bonus for you.
        • In addition to experience, you will of course also receive items on missions.
      • Items:
        • Equip your Guard Knight with items you have found. The better items, the more life, attack power and defense your Guard Knight has for future tournaments!
      • Castle:
        • your Guard Knight is always in a castle. Only one Guard Knight can be activated per castle. You can move the Guard Knight to another castle.
        • Your Guard Knight having a reputation. This can be “kindly” or “savage”. The castle benefits from this status.
          • Kind: you receive a recruitment bonus for troops (troop recruitment speed) of up to 30%
          • Savage: your resource production is increased by up to 30%
        • Explore Damoria on your missions to increase the carrying capacity of your traders by up to 100%!

      What is the trader or marketplace?
      You can sell your found items to the trader. This will bring you thalers quickly, but you won't get a good price!
      Alternatively, you can also offer your equipment on the marketplace. Put your items in the auction house for a 10% fee. Your auction runs for 24 hours. The min. amount is determined by the system.
      Items purchased from the auction house can only be used yourself or sold to the trader. Re-listing in the auction house is not possible!

      But what are all the stats like “Life”, “Attack” and “Defense” for?
      You don't need these stats in the first test phase. So it is not important whether your knight is already wearing the best items in the first phase. For the test phase it would still be very good if you tried to equip your knights with good items.

      We are planning a knight tournament for this event in the second test phase. We want to bring the medieval feeling into your living room and organize a tournament in every world.
      We want to explain the approximate course of such a tournament to you now - but we are still in the middle of development and cannot give you an exact date when this tournament will take place.
      However, in order to work with “correct” data for this tournament, progression that you worked out in the first test phase are important and help us with balancing and problem identification.

      Course of a tournament:
      You can register for the tournament. The tournament starts every day at 8 p.m. - registration can be made until 7.30 p.m.
      After your registration you can determine the order in which your knights should fight. The first 10 rounds take place in which 1 against 1 is fighted. So your knights meet other knights 1vs1.
      You can already see your opponent at 19:55 and you can change your order until 19:59 to send another knight into the battle - your opponent can do this too. The next 1vs1 fight takes place every 5 minutes and every 1 minute before the start of the fight you can change your order again to choose which of your knights you want to send into the fight. Knights who have already fought can of course not fight again.

      The opponent selection is random - you will only receive opponents who have the same victories as you in the preliminary rounds. At the end the best 8 of the preliminary rounds (ranking) are selected. It is sorted first by victories - the second by points. The more damage you've done, the more points you get for a fight. Even a close lost fight can give you a lot of points!

      In the final rounds (1/4 finals) 2 players compete against each other. Each player is again free to choose from the 10 knights. But now 3vs3 knights will compete. So you can choose 3 knights who will be fighting in the first of 3 final rounds. If you lose, you are eliminated. Again, a knight can only fight once in the final rounds.
      The rounds are “Quarter Finals”, “Semi Finals” and “Finals”.
      The winner receives a 24 hour bonus. The other places should also receive bonuses, depending on the final position in the ranking.

      Since every player can take part in this feature, no matter how many troops, castles or points, even such small players can earn great bonuses from the tournament.

      We would like to point this out again.
      This is a first test phase to find out whether the balance of thalers, equipment, experience and time investment is correct. We would be happy if you actively equip your knights now.
      We are planning to bring the second test phase directly without a reset so that players who have actively participated in the first test phase can play in the tournament. If there are bigger balance issues, it's also possible that we have to reset the test phase.
      It is planned that this feature will be restarted regularly. So you have to equip your knights again. We plan a regular restart every approx. 3 months. (possibly not in the test phase)

      The first round starts this Friday at 8 p.m.
      If you have suggestions for improvement, ideas for extensions or problems / questions, we invite you to write in the discussion thread here:

      Discussion: Your Guards

      Have fun!

      Best wishes
      Your Damoria team