Discussion: Your Guards

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    • Dschibait wrote:

      1. you saw it in your market thread - no more informations are required.

      You are right. I do not want to ask why.
      Lifetime? Thanks. I really do not need the resources I get from this mini game. I am giant player already.
      Its a pitty my guards player todays tournment. The points wich I can not use was subtracted from someone else.
      I will shut as required.

      Edit - clarification (May 12)
      I don't think I have committed any illegality - my posts and transactions are public. I don't ask anything because I read the sentence from the previous post and I have no doubt. I have to live up to my motto...
      (© 2012 - Once upon a time...)

      W1 - 124
      Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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    • Dschibait wrote:

      yes today there are maybe some points missing on some players - i apologize for that, tomorrow anything will be better.
      I accept your apologizes. It was no need. ;)

      All the best for my ex opponents.

      Um grande bem haja a todos os que me aturaram com as minhas opiniões. As minhas sinceras desculpas se ofendi algum colega jogador - foi com certeza sem intenção.
      (© 2012 - Once upon a time...)

      W1 - 124
      Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
    • Dschibait wrote:

      The current test run of the guard has ended. We still want to give you the opportunity to receive fame and exchange it for great bonuses.
      When it ends?
      I thought, from the announcement, that it would be yesterday. I didn't even participate in the auction anymore and the items went to the competition without a fight.Today the event remains and I have already signed up.
    • The event is ending but is always time for a suggestion. For upcoming events.
      The market is not very dynamic. Very few quality items for sale to top players - and even to others. Many players - especially the top ones - prefer to sell to the merchant in order not to arm competition. Sounds like a good strategy to me, but it limits competitiveness a lot.
      What if the merchant also sells at auction? Part of the acquired collection is sold. For example by x10 acquisition values. A small part of quality items, only 5% or 10%. Sold a few days after purchase, not immediately. That and limit players' warehouse to 50 places for example.
      Good items will hit the market. They will arrive late enough not to compete with the original seller, but they will make the original seller wonder if it would be better to be the one to sell directly. After all they will also have good items for him to buy and he will need credits.
      (© 2012 - Once upon a time...)

      W1 - 124
      Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
    • Yet another suggestion to make the tournaments more dynamic:
      Charge tournament entry fees (in Thaler).

      I can imagine some variations on this:
      (a) The entry fee is per knight and the fee increases with the level of the knight.
      Example: 50 Thaler per knight and level.
      Ten level 1 knights entry fees total = 10 x 50 = 500.
      Ten level 50 knights entry fees total = 10 x 2500 = 25,000

      (b) The entry fee is per player, and increases per tournament, but resets after some time.
      Example: fee resets each week, starting on Monday
      First tournament player takes part in on any day in the week: FREE
      Second: 1,000
      Third: 10,000
      Fourth 100,000
      Fifth 1,000,000
      Sixth 10,000,000
      Seventh: 100,000,000

      - The high level players cannot afford to participate in every single tournament. Players with lower level knights get a chance to make it into the finals.
      - Thaler get removed from the game.
    • A little birdie told me that the Vacation Substitute can also run the Guards. I suggest that in future iterations of the game, this be disallowed.

      I find the game-within-a-game pretty cool. What appeals to me the most is the individual nature of it. Every player is on more or less equal footing. The knights fight man versus man (or maybe some of them are women, you can't tell). You cannot have for example 100 knights from a big alliance gang up on 10 knights from a small alliance in a melee (at least not yet).

      The main downside of this game is that it is a grind. Victory is decided by about 60% - 70% grinding and 30% - 40% strategy. Grinding means higher level knights, higher level items, and getting to strike first on top of that. So who can grind the most wins.

      Like most people, I have a job, but due to the pandemic, I've had to work from home, so while I'm working on my work computer, I can occasionally go over to my personal computer and keep the knights going on missions. That is a huge advantage over players who have jobs where they are in an office or working outside where they can't be caught playing on company equipment or company time, or may not be able to play at all.

      Sending knights on missions every 5 minutes is how you get the fastest advancement. The 5 minute missions give you 13 xp, so roughly 2 xp per minute. The longer missions give you about 1/2 to 1/3 or less xp per minute. If you get lucky, you get offered some 5 to 7 hour missions about the time you want to go to sleep.

      However, I still have to sleep. And I can't spend all my free time in front of the computer.

      Judging based on how fast some other players advance, compared to my experience where I spent say 16 hours in the day playing, either the other players never sleep, or else there is a team taking turns running the knights.

      So I feel like it is me as an individual player vs. some team or some alliance, grinding away. In the medium term, no individual player can keep up, and no clever strategy can counter the higher levels achieved by grinding.

      That's why I keep making suggestions to reduce the advantage gained by grinding, such as crazy consumable items that can tip a fight, or having missions that let players find loot at higher levels than their knights.
    • Hello Chemilla,

      can you indicate where this is written? I have searched for words to this effect but cannot find them. I think they were in the sense of bonuses that you can earn again, but that are (in itself) no different than the bonuses you could earn the first guards.
    • Diskussion: deine Garde

      Post 315

      I can only see something here see this german post.
      There are no new bonuses... It is just gambling to keep them
      ID 255 in World 1 Damoria
      ID 171 in World 2 Damoria

      Ein Bier ist kein Bier.
      Wer zwei trinkt, kann auch drei trinken.
      Nach drei Bier, hol ich mir doch noch ein Viertes.
      Ach komm, was ist schon ein Sixpack.
      Hmm der leere Kasten ist mein Kopfkissen.
      Heute kauf ich mir eine Brauerei.
    • I don't remember when which German or English post because there are really a lot of posts and I have to translate them every time

      with the crowns we have the right to a bonus of 10% of raw materials why not also put a bonus of 10% for the troops ??? because we are in a war game