Experience Points for Battles

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    • Experience Points for Battles

      Would you like to see some form of this method implemented ? 3

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      The problem really isn't the ranking systems used in Space Invasion but stems from those players with massive fleets using their position of having the ability to using way oversized fleet in ratio compared to the target fleet they are trying to hit.

      If there was someway to improving this situation would be to have some form of experience points that is generated from how closely a player can get his fleet size in comparison to the fleet they are taking out.

      This would mean if a player can get his fleet size to just enough to takeout the fleet that is being targeted that the player would receive a higher experience rank for doing so.This would go to showing a real stat for combat other then just a battle report.Because if a player was to use a mass over kill fleet they would lose experience points in the process. It would show players that were more skilled in the use of fleets other then being a player that just has more fleet.

      You could also then look at seeing if you were able to add a small bonus or a negative bonus to the X factor part of the battle equation using a players exp. Point standing at time of battle.

      This would go to improving space invasions fleet combat within the game. Instead of the constant overkill and the player simply running away into a escape flight. As it seems battles that occur all ways are in favour of who has more fleet. Not who has more experience in the use of those fleets.

      Players would have to be more skilled then simply build more fleet then your opponent to overwhelm the fleet they are trying to take out. As just because you send overpowering numbers. where is the skill in that then simply you have spent more time , resource's constructing fleet. But a player that thinks taking someone's fleet out by overwhelming numbers is just lazy attacking. As the players who post battle reports and think just because of the large rubble field created that they did a good fleet kill. I myself look at did the player do it with just enough fleet to takeout the opponent or did they do a lazy oversized attack to takeout the enemy. The player that used just enough is the player with more skill as he would safe probe and used the recall if need be. The larger oversized player sends and forgets about it.

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    • There has been a similar proposal before and has been worked out.
      But there will be more details about it when the matter develops to maturity.
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