Irina retired vs. BigDaddy [RAP] .... The day of the black sun (HOF2)

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    • Irina retired vs. BigDaddy [RAP] .... The day of the black sun (HOF2)

      Hello Space Pilots

      One of the biggest battles in SI2 took place last Monday. After careful spying of all the planets, I realized that the majority of her fleet was on one of them.

      I then decided to launch a very distant assault (duration of 1 hour 50 minutes) and which cost me the trifle of more than 1.1 Billion of spice !!!!

      This one, moreover, was not without risk.

      The result was the following:…&i=5370611&c=0a5af33a362c

      The very great majority of the debris was recycled by me. (I did not yet have the total amount of suitable recyclers).

      This beautiful fight earned me to be classified as HOF2 of this universe.

      Without wanting to argue with anything, but looking a little closer at the difference with the HOF1, we can see that I have broken more fleet than the latter. The difference is explained by the amount of fleet lost by O_V_O_R_L_O_R_D during its own.

      I must say that I care a lot for the lives of my pilots.

      Good game everyone.


      Stéphane ... alias Irina retired.

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