Aurea - Galaxy map problems

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    • Gold planets are still there. They are visible for only a short time (15mins or so - dont have exact numbers right now) than you can only get them by blind flighting to them or get a hint by scanning the system with your galaxy scanner

      what happend, when you close the spy report window before clicking the eye; is it relopening and refreshing correctly ? I didn't get any of this problem - the code isn't different from the "main" universes.

      Did someone else notice this behavoir ?
    • Oh ok now i know why the scanner tell me there are some treasure in a system but i cannot see them, thank you for the explanation!

      Yeah the opening was correct, but i didn't notice this error again after the 2/3 hours i experienced it...maybe it could have been my connection but the pages were very fast on refreshing, so idk