Mage Mega Spell - new Crusade Updates!

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    • Mage Mega Spell - new Crusade Updates!

      Hello Damorians!

      we've made a few changes to the Crusades. Tomorrow, Friday, July 31st at 8:00 p.m. (CEST), a new crusade will be launched!

      The following changes are waiting for you:
      • you now see next to the activated bonus how long it is still activated. We fixed bugs that incorrectly displayed bonuses that were already activated.
      • a new bonus “trader” is available now
        • you can collect a maximum of 50% of this bonus through residences. The carrying capacity of your traders is increased by up to 50%. If you use the trade master, the waiting time between 2 routes is also reduced by up to 50%. Both bonuses are activated globally (in all castles).
        • The first places in the overall ranking (crusade) receive an additional percentage on this bonus (limit of 50% is ignored):
          • 1st place: 15%
          • 2nd place: 10%
          • 3rd place: 5%
          • 4th - 6th place: 3%
          • 7th place: 2%
          • 11-20 place: 1%
        • we have increased the troops needed to conquer a residence. At the same time, we also increased the reduction bonus for neighboring residences
          • we are noticing more and more that supposed multi-accounts unlock the main account a “way” to a lucrative place. We want to make sure that conquering your own is worth more than letting a multi-account do it. We reserve the right, if we continue to see this procedure, to permanently exclude certain players from this feature!

      The mage mega spell event:

      From Friday to Sunday 23:59:59 (CEST) you can take part in our new mage-mega magic event.
      Get more and more energy from performed spells to be able to conjure up more and more great bonuses. You always get 1 energy for a free spell (e.g. the daily or from the crusade event). You receive 5 energy for performing mage spells with gold.
      In the crusade you can again get free spells for medium and large residences.
      And on the pages of Damoria our mage is hiding! Find here and you will receive 1 additional energy for this event!

      Furthermore you get 10% extra gold in our shop!

      We hope you enjoy the new crusade - stay healthy!

      Best wishes
      Your Damoria team