Player consolidation of Servers?

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  • Player consolidation of Servers?

    The idea would be for players that find themsleves with less time to play. They could be able to purchase a consolidation package. Which they could combine the wealth of several sevrers to consolidate them into one. This would mean they would be able to get the time saving they are looking for without losing what they have achieved in the other servers. They are able select a server they choose to consolidate into. While the other server's are totaled up for Spice Cost. Having a reduction percentage amount to transfer as one payment in Spice. This would also promote the purchasing of the Merchant to transfer the Spice to required resource's within the consolidated server.

    Maybe even have different levels of Spice percentage reduction to be transfered to the consolidated server. Having a different cost to it in reflection to the % amounts.

    Because of reduction of the resources to the servers where the player had consolidated from. You could possibly setup to where the player's planets become part of the Spacia NPC for a period of time after the Consolidation process. You could even keep their fleets active within the Spacia NPC where it is setup to where they are Escapeflighted. When returning they are set for a period of time before system escapeflights them again. This would lead to activity in hunting the Spacia planets for fleets not only resource's.

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