Hallo Summer - Hallo Rubble!

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    • Hallo Summer - Hallo Rubble!

      Hello Space Pilots!

      already sweating? The next few days will not be easier for you!

      We have made some changes (SI Classic) to our specializations:
      • we do not want to reduce the “automatically” secured resources for the researcher, we have decided to give the Fleeter further advantages to compensate for the loses
      • The Fleeter:
        • New point recycler acceleration: + 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 engine research for recyclers
        • New point farm king: increases the speed on inactive players by 5/10/20/30% (only attacks!)
      • it is not planned to reset the specialization points.

      From Friday:
      June 26th you will find rubblefields in the universe. Every day the size of the rubble that appear is increased up to and including Sunday July 5th.
      At the same time, you will receive 3 additional interdimensional transmitter free spins for your daily login during this period.
      The yield from the interdimensional transmitter is increased by 3x in the entire period!

      We wish you a few sunny days - stay healthy!

      Best wishes
      Your SpaceInvasion team