Crusade Challenge

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    • a lot of change in damoria its last weeks !!

      damoria does he back in return on his good deeds ???

      before when we used mages have from time to time won stars or so materials in large quantities but this is no longer the case

      with the crusade were entitled to free mages but this was canceled

      then the crusade was canceled is we don't even know if really it will come back

      this is a shame because damoria had made a real effort to attract new players and we were all happy no matter what alliances came from or what level we were

      the next steps and she canceled the free mage we have every day

      we ask ourselves a lot of questions


    • The crusade was a temporary event. Different types of crusades have been tried. Among other things, a crusade where you could also earn "mage spells".
      At some events, the mage spells get a boost and the chance of big prizes are higher.
      There is currently no event. The mage has the normal change on big prices. You can still get a free mage spell a day. It can't be Christmas every day; Santa also needs an occasional break.
    • you said several times that you were very content with the crusade car all the players were very active but you stop it !!

      when a chosen one works very well I think it's good to leave it all the time

      damoria needs a new player is i think the crusade is the best choice that damoria is performing since protecting from attacks between small players is big players


      loic S
    • First I like to thank you for the feedback on our
      little bonus game - the crusade.
      But I think your opinion in your post is partial
      "lost in translation".

      To evaluate some things and to consider some
      ideas for it, will need some time.
      Till now, some work is "handmade" - we are trying
      to get this automated which also take some time.
      New bonusfields and maybe some other features
      are being discussed within the team.
      Also if it will be a constant minigame or something
      that only will be online from time to time.

      But don't get frustrated - it will return.
      (like it was or maybe altered)
    • The truth is that the game the cruzade is being very well received and is liked by many people
      also this mini game has made people connect more often and even between some new people, but I also understand the situation of the Admin, since by the words of 0815, it has certain manual characteristics that may suppose more workload, perhaps as idea to take away some work occurs to me, instead of having a duration of 7 days to move it to monthly, with the same characteristics accommodated to its longest duration. In short, it would be like making 5 crussades together, you would get more or less the same benefits as one Crussade but with a duration of 5 weeks ... Also I'm glad that more improvements and new implementations are being studied. 8)
      Keep calm and fix it!

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    • I agree with you

      I also think that damoria is the game that works the least bitmeup, I also think as a player other than the crusade that the players were more active and connected than when there was no crusade

      we are counting on you and thank you in advance