tax adjustments

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    • tax adjustments

      Hello Space Pilots, Damorians and Masters of Mebula!

      the last 100 days have been exhausting due to Corona, a limitation and for many people a change in their lives.

      In Germany it was decided that the tax value would be reduced from 19% to 16% in order to give the economy a boost again and to give us financial relief in everyday life.
      We also want to implement this here in our games.

      Since the BitMeUp UG acts internationally for our players, we see it as our duty not only to change this for the European (or German) market, but to give a general discount.
      Since the VAT is processed directly by our partner in the different countries and is already included in the prices in our shops, we decided to do this using a discount model.

      Up to and including December 31st 2020, all players in our games (Mebula, Damoria and SpaceInvasion) will receive a 5% discount on all payment options.

      We wish you a lot of fun in our games!
      Stay healthy!

      Your teams from SpaceInvasion, Damoria and Mebula