Pentecost event

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    • Pentecost event

      I'm glad that there are such continuous games and events in the game, it makes everyone active again.

      Regarding the events, and referring to this, it would be nice if the purchase of gold coins included some gifts as you have accustomed us (free spins to the witch, filled with warehouses, extra building plots...), I'm sure that encourages people to invest more in events.
    • hola buenas tardes -
      Me gustaría formular una pregunta sobre la bruja . Cada 10 hechizos el coste de cada hechizo sube 1 oro y yo quería saber si existe limite en la crecida ?.
      Por ejemplo con 1000 hechizos el valor seria de 100 oros por cada próximo hechizo ?

      Hello good afternoon -

      I would like to ask a question about the witch. Every 10 spells the cost of each spell goes up 1 gold and I wanted to know if there is a limit in the flood?

      For example, with 1000 spells, would the value be 100 gold for each next spell?