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    • troops information

      hello, forgive me if I created a new discussion, but I play recently and I had no idea how to do these things, I could not find the answers in the forum:

      1) Is it possible to know the current attack and defense value of your troops? also considering the alchemist's research? the information found under "help" and therefore "troops" report generic but not current statistics, without taking into account the improvements. There's a way ??
      2) are the bonuses for the bandit camps after 1,000 attacks with 100,000 units still valid or have they stopped on the reported date?
      3) how are mage castels obtained? for example the golden castle or the ice castle? only through the summoning spells in the "gold" section?

      4) and what are the cornucopias for?

      sorry again for all these questions and for creating a new thread. Many years ago I played Damoria but there weren't all these news. :( :(

      good night, greetings.
    • hello covid-19, welcome back! (never thought to say this :D )
      1) There are no schedules, but you can test the current strength of your troops with the battle simulator. But watch out. You use attack and defense in every fight. Think of it as sword (attack) and shield (defense). A defence battle for a castle with a good shield and a bad sword will be (most of the time) less successful than a battle where both have been well investigated.
      2) The bonuses are only valid during special events. Keep an eye on the forum for a new event.
      3) The baldur castles like, mage, golden, ice and halloween can be won or obtained during events. Sometimes you get a castle and sometimes you get a upgrade to change a normal castle into a baldur.
      4) You can buy a cornucopia only in the first days you start the game. They contain for example some extra troops, resources and so on.

      Thank you for playing again. And it is no problem if you use the forum to ask questions. After all, it is made for that.