W1 W2 .... W3?

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    • W1 W2 .... W3?

      [list=1][/list]I remember when you ask player for name of this 3 worlds , but still not W3 .
      I want to make a suggestion , W2 is have loot of bonus , realy easy to grow
      Whay dont create W3 to be a very fast world , but also to be reset evry 6 weeks .
      Top 10 ( or 20 ) players to get a global reword , gold , mage spells , bonus castle or some troops .
      I think 90% of players will play this fast world .
      Also add bonus castle on this W3 and players will attack this bonus castle for exp or glory , so rank will be Exp or Glory
      Now on W1/W2 players make a ceck in per day , becouse you dont have what to doo , stable or catapults need 3-5 days to lvl up , just ceck for new grey castle ond go off
      So my personal opinion this fast world will make players to be more active , more fight

      Stay safe , have fun :)