Hello May Event!

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    • Hello May Event!

      Hello Space Pilots!

      Today we want to give you some information about the specializations and introduce you to the weekend event “Hello May!”.


      We are very satisfied (you too, as your feedback shows) with the specializations.
      So we want to keep them as they are now in the game. Only a few values are further adjusted to get to our target configuration:
      • Point resets are now only possible every 30 days. Reset times that are already running are extended to 30 days.
      • The requirement for the specialization point, how long you have to stay outside the vacation mode, increases to 30 days. The goal is to increase this to 90 days in the next few months.

      We would be happy to receive any further suggestions or feedback from you!

      “Hello May!”-Event:

      From now on the following bonuses will be activated up to and including Sunday:
      • more eggs appear again in the universes
      • 10 flowers per recycling flight can be collected on a flower planet
      • very large rubblefields can appear in the universe
      • get 4-fold the yield from the interdimensional transmitter!

      We wish you a lot of fun in space!

      Stay healthy.

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion team