Raid Colony Defense

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    • Raid Colony Defense

      Humble opinion of myself.

      The particle cannon should be twisted to be able to attack fleets stationed in raid colonies (only in that occasions. To normal planets just defenses)
      Once you get one created next to your planet, and you have no ways of magically generate X amounts of phoenixs, you are doomed to an eternal escape flight + shutdown production (or transport them to a very far colony) or to go into vacation mode.

      If you get besieged by a player that has x2 - x3 points than you, its over. Its a cake for the other player (or players).

      Have a nice game! :P :thumbsup:
    • KagujaChisei wrote:

      well theire is a magical power called alliance attack and a second one called communication
      Yeah i know. But its not always the case.

      What i suggested was another way of givin something that has now become rather pointless on some occasion an extra function.
      Its not about creating something new, its just about working with what we have now.
    • But I don't get how this is a big deal. It has always been possible for a player to colonise a new planet next to you for raiding purposes. We have all had to deal with this for years now.


      Do you keep all your planets in one system? Then your strategy is the problem - the solution is not to change the way the game works...

      If you don't keep all your planets next to each other, then just keep your main fleet active in other areas. If you are not a fleeter type and are focused on mines, then for a period of time you will need to escape flight more regularly from the planet that is being targeted. The attacker will have no reason to stay if there is no profit.

      Remember, insulting will cause people to target someone even where there is no profit.

      If you don't have the time to be more active and EF your resources more regularly than usual, then you can even take the decision to turn off the mines on that planet.

      So many options. They all depend on your strategy. This is an opportunity for you to grow and become a better player. It is not a disaster.


      If you need help, ask for help from other players in-game. I often even used to ask for advice from players that attacked me when I was starting this game many years back. In 99% of the cases, those players were friendly to me and helped me. There are always the one or two really rude unpleasant people. If the attacker is one of those rude idiots (and you have been really polite), then write that player's username on your wall in blood. That can become your project for the next 10 years - destruction of that player.

      Fun project.
      In the past I have been: