What are spies for?

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    • What are spies for?

      the truth that you are playing with us, since you bought the game I only see injustice, what is the spies worth? I do not understand
      when a player attacks, he loses the battle then the report goes up to the salom of fame and all our support comes out, you only benefit the players of your land, that is unfair, in the end you will only play because all of us will migrate to another fair game .
      If you do not know how to carry the game, I demand the elimination of the salom of fame.
    • The hall of fame is a way to see incredible battles and to encourage the spirit of the players, seeing reports of battles between attacker and defender, and I do not think it is a bad idea, even including me in the game comes up with a way to exchange reports or espionages between players within the same alliance, this is widely used in other games, but I consider that the current use is to publish reports at your own discretion for free in view of everyone, that is what is not fair, and even a way to give information unfairly.
      Since the fair thing is that the opponents, attacker or defender (not of supports that can be allies or not), if they want they can publish these reports but that they are not the supports of such a battle, since troops that could justly be published take out with battles won with espionages.
      Personally I consider that the use of props to get reports is an unfair but not penalized form of the game, questionable for many but there is no going to enter into discussion, but there are to be able to publish these reports in the hall of fame, where it should be the decision of the attacker involved (if he can just spy) or defender if he does not mind publishing it.
      Keep calm and fix it!
    • Hello,

      sorry @Halberd and @-futrtie80- but this starting post isn't a bug report, its also not a report at all. He only tells us that he don't like to see other battles?

      im not sure if this is a language barrier or so - but i didn't get your problem.
      We spent months to get feedback and do the best for damoria. Without feedback we can't change and finally get a better damoria.

      So if you want to share a specific problem, explain it and let us work on it. Its not the correct way to start blaming me and forcing damoria to die!

      Battles are not automaticly posted to the hall of fame. A part of the battle has to publish it there. I dosn't understand your point here at all - spies are not big enough to come up in the open (public) hall of fame. But sure, you can share them for your members or friends.
      Normal attacks can be published from the attacker, defender and also from the suporters.

      If you think that supporters dosn't should share battles into the public hall of fame, let us know this. We can talk about it and change it. (im not sure if this is the problem you talking about)

      its one thing to have a problem in game, its another to talk respectful with players, team members and me. I have no problem if you want to blame me - but the team is hard working for damoria and for you to get this running.
      im really sad about posts like yours which dosn't tell us about problems directly insteat of telling us that we only do a bad job and damoria dies.

      good luck!
    • This topic was indeed discussed extensively previously and I was one of those who raised this issue that now returns to the forum, it is your time or I was not understood or did not explain myself well.

      I understand that what is stated here is clear, and it is that it is not right for a third player to publish a report in the hall of fame, this as I said previously could only be done by the attacker and the defender. and explained to me.

      I mean

      Dschibait suppose that I am in conflict with you and I am attacking your castles, and I have an interest in conquering them, logically I want to know what troops you have in your castle to plan my attack on that castle. (you ask your companions for help and they help you), I sent a spy attack to find out what troops you have in your castle and I lose the battle, so I cannot find out what troops you have and you will be happy because you have defeated me in the battle and I have not achieved my objective, but one of his companions who has helped him with his troops hangs the report of the battle in the hall of fame and I, despite not winning the battle, still know what troops you have it is his castle.

      I plan my attack with the adequate troops and in sufficient numbers to win and conquer his castle because someone has published the report and thus I am with advantage obtaining information that you avoided with your fight so that I did not get it.

      This is what I think is being considered here, in my modest opinion this is not logical, the only ones who could post the reports of attacks in the hall of fame would be the attacker and the owner of the castle and no one else, as I said. long time.
    • based on your explaination here;

      what is the differnt when these 3rd supporting player shares this directly to you and not in a hall of fame - its the same result - you know what you need to know.

      So - its not a solution to don't allow supporters to report battles into our hall of fame.

      It could be one solution that a supporter dosn't see (any time) not your troops. He see in any case (expect he lost with the defender together) "?" for defending troops.

      Is this what you have in mind?
    • To be honest, that isn't a matter of
      regulation, it's indeed a matter of
      If you as defender dosn't like the
      report being posted to the hall of
      fame, tell this to your fellow
      supporters. If they support you,
      it looks like they are on your side
      and will respect your wish.
      If you got instead a spy under these
      supporter, it dosn't matter if the
      report ends in the hall of fame or
      is directly passed over to the enemy.
      In fact it is in your favor, because it
      will show you that not every "friend"
      is really your friend and you know
      for sure that the enemy knows your
      numbers - so you have time to alter
      your strategy.
    • Hay muchas diferencias para mi. Pero si esto es lo que piensas, hago la misma pregunta que el título de este hilo, ¿para qué son los espías?

      Creo que el creador del hilo no está hablando de que un tercero envíe el informe al atacante de forma privada, es una vieja táctica de juego que usan todos los jugadores y tiene o tuvo sus riesgos y no todos los usaron, pero ahora es más fácil de hacer sin repercusiones (pero este es otro tema), pero ese informe permanece en la esfera privada, el atacante ha obtenido el informe que le interesó, pero no todos los jugadores en el juego y esta es una de las diferencias por las que me preguntas

      Todavía creo que para publicar informes en el salón de la fama, solo los afectados, el atacante y el defensor y nadie más deberían poder hacerlo. y no estoy cuestionando el hilo del salón de la fama, por el contrario, me gusta mucho porque podemos ver grandes batallas de los atacantes y los defensores.

      He tratado de explicar lo que entiendo que el creador del hilo quiere plantear y expresar mi opinión al respecto y si se tiene en cuenta, entonces, genial, y si no, creo que lo que presento no podría ser valorado, yo Nunca he querido o no entraré en una discusión al respecto que no conducirá a nada. Saludos cordiales y gracias por su atención.
    • Mencey, please use a translation app like google translate before you post your message. This time i did it for you:

      "There are many differences for me. But if this is what you think, I ask the same question as the title of this thread, what are spies for?

      I think the thread creator is not talking about a third party sending the report to the attacker privately, it is an old game tactic that all players use and it has or had its risks and not all used them, but now it is easier to do without repercussions (but this is another topic), but that report remains in the private sphere, the attacker has obtained the report that interested him, but not all the players in the game and this is one of the differences for which I questions

      I still believe that to post reports in the hall of fame, only those affected, the attacker and the defender and no one else should be able to do so. And I'm not questioning the hall of fame thread, on the contrary, I really like it because we can see great battles of the attackers and the defenders.

      I have tried to explain what I understand that the creator of the thread wants to state and express my opinion about it and if it is taken into account, then, great, and if not, I think that what I present could not be valued, I have never wanted or I will not get into a discussion about it that will lead to nothing. Kind regards and thanks for your attention."
    • beside that fact that i also think that a not translated post is really respectless - you didn't answered my question.

      What is the different between a information to your opponent about your troops by the support report itself and the shared battle.
      The battle self isn't listed in the public hall of fame; so the public "most user base" can't find and access this battle report at all ... so the question is, why do you think that with a change, that only aggressor / defender could share a report will change anything.
      It will change nothing - most players don't need to share these reports to send troop statistics.
    • My apologies, my answer supposedly should have been published in English, I have the google translator activated for the page, but when updating it to publish some error of mine occurred and it was published in Spanish text.

      As for the dischabit question, I think I answered it, but if this is not the case or if I do not understand it that way, I also apologize, we discussed this on a previous occasion and it will not lead to anything going back to the same thing.

      personally it is not the same for me that a third party can post reports in the hall of fame, in my case there are several reports in the hall of fame of attacks carried out by me, one of them is to a disabled person and I did not put that report It has been put by a third player without my permission, understanding that this attack on a disabled person is mine from my personal scope of the game and I think it should be me who could put that report and not another player, if we understand or how I understand that the room of fame is for the players to post reports of their achievements or their defeats, that is to say that this page its intention is that the players who obtain or have great battles for their skill in defense or attack can show their skills and achievements before the rest of the players as an acknowledgment, therefore I still think that it is a decision of the attacker or a default if it is not a disabled defender.

      I hope I have answered you and if not, I beg your pardon the language barrier is an insurmountable wall for me even if I use a translator because it gives errors in translation and interpretation.