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    • specialization

      Hi I would to ask about specializations on Sirius uni , its no point to play any more on this uni . I will explain why im Attacker all the time and my resource are on other players planets so if example other players will choose specialization researcher and tier 4 nobody will take his rocource any more ( its young uni and people dont have 25kk in all day !!! ) so If I can attack 59 only other players on this uni and all those players will take reseachrcher and tier 4 its pointless play in here !!!

      Those specializations was been great on speed uni because players has more resource !!! but not on uni where players has less resource !!!!

      I will give good example :

      I got iron mine on 39 lv its give me with bonuses around 1kk per /h If I will take specialization Resource and tier 4 I can be safe 25h and nobody will take my Resource
      So I can send my fleet on safe flight and nobody can rob me !!!


      Sirius Uni :saint:
    • Well maybe it shouldn't be exact amount of resource's protected. It could be more put to a percentage amount of the resource's on the planet at time of attack. This would allow for raiders to continue but the researcher then would all ways have a percentage of amount of resource's at time of attack instead of a set amount. This would mean the larger researcher's if it was a percentage would in actual fact reserve more in protection then the way it is now.

      This would suit both sides.

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    • Why would both sides fit? the attacker can already steal far more at the miner than before and now you howl around because there is not much to get from people who are less active? who do you want to steal when all miners and researchers delete themselves? so sometimes I can't think of anything
    • Because if it was a percentage amount instead of the set amount that is resource protected the larger miner researcher would actually have more resource protection then he get's from a set amount. The raider then would still be able to raid for resource's as the raider would get a percentage of the resource's that wouldn't be protected by the percentage amount. Let's say it was 25% resource protected this would mean if a player had 100.000 of each resource the raider would still be able to get a portion of the 75% unprotected resources. Then say a larger miner researcher who has in each resource with still a 25% resource protection would have 250.000.000 of each those resource's protected. So yes it benefits both sides.

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    • the attacker does not get 100% anyway so where should the advantages of the researcher still be? Active miners will go to the miner to produce more and be able to build more and you can steal more so why shouldn't the less active have the right to keep more? Do you want to stop these paying players and the universe gets even smaller? and again we are at a point where the operator does what and is just howling... Incredibly
    • it is a first test run; we know that there are some missing parts like the 4th asteroid (which isnt available in sirius) - and we will look also into this issue here.

      Its one thing to claim such problems; its another how you post it.

      If i read again that sirius id "dead" - i will contact you with some lock days in game!
    • Obviously mathematics doesn't seem to be a strong point of your's. As in actual fact is if it was a percentage amount, larger player's would actually have a larger protection amounted resource's from what is at the planet at time of attack. A percentage amount means they have a protected % amount of the resource's at the planet at time of attack. So let's say a large researcher who has a fleet come in that has 50 Trillion in each resource. At the current state of resource protection if he was attacked and he was spec 4 in researcher spec he would only have 25 million in each resource protected. Bu if it was a percentage amount let's say 25% again as that's an easy figure to work with. he would in actual fact have 12.5 trillion of each of those resource's protected. But ok the downside would be if he was attacked multiple times. So of course maybe that the protected amount of resource if it was to go by % would have to be calculated from the first attack from that player in a 24 hour period.

      I would like to say I have in no way said it was dead but trying to give an option to lead towards. But it's obvious some player's can't think out of the box. But are just narrow minded.

      An Easier way to Implement a percentage resource protection amount would be to tie the percentage amount to a planets warehouse capacity. In other words the player would a have a protection amount for that resource calculated by the % of the warehouse's capacity for that resource.

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    • I give it on... you don't want to understand it... it's not about brisk farming, it's about daily farming because you can't save every two hours... but mainly insult others and claim they would not look over the edge of the teller... look in mirror then you see who is not able to count further than the two...

      and for that I take ne custody or lock down but sometimes you just have to tell the truth

      ps: so and for me it was now here in the theard
    • Maybe thread should be closed any way as because the title of the thread is Specialization which we all ready have an official thread for it. It really against the thread posting rule's, because your not meant to open new threads if the topic is all ready being discussed under a thread that is all ready open.

      Maybe you should stick to topic not just post remarks about what someone posts but add to the conversation about the topic of the thread within your posts as well.

      Percentage Resource Protection Amounts
      It would have to be calculated to the point of losing a small percentage amount to the resource % amount on the spec % amount as the warehouses are upgraded. As if it wasn't the player would simply keep increasing the warehouses to astronomical upgraded levels to protect 100% of his resource's.

      Or set % amount for the different levels of Warehouses.
      This would mean as the player progressed in point's he would be able to upgrade the warehouses to obtain a stronger resource protection base for the increased mining production the player would be producing.

      As if an attacker attacks a planet when there isn't a fleet he really is raiding the warehouses of a planet.

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    • I'm laughing so hard right now,"the researcher" got buffed today (From 22.5M to 24M lvl4)
      Even "the miner" got buffed! (Shield % From 882% to 941%)

      Looks like it's hard to balance the 5 bonus of "the fleeter" at max lvl (which is pretty broken too).

      In my opinon you shouldn't be able to built a laboratory on a raid planet (because 3x lvl10 lab it's +30lvl on global lab, and it's broken)
    • there was nothing buffed last night;
      researchers spec and also the shield dome calculations based on your Attacking Zone (in sirus is this emulated by your points).

      So the maximum is 1,5M*17 => 25,5M for Researcher

      And for Shield Dome lvl 4 its
      1000 * AZ/17

      Its a first test try; the idea behind these Raid colonies is that the fleeter can even have this researcher bonuses up (from lab or super computer). We will take all your feedback to discuss this and to get changes.
    • Specialization Spec Calculations

      Wouldn't it be better to set the Calculations for the certain bonuses to the Spec's to the relevant tech involved with that bonus.

      Such as Shield bonus for miner - The Shield Tech level of the player instead of the rank level.

      Fleeter speed bonus:- The speed bonus should be calculated using the slowest ships with the Attacking fleets engine Tech level.

      Researcher Resource Protection :- With this you may have to add a new tech like a storage tech.

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    • Question - i will reset my specialization from fleeter lv4 to somethng else.

      What will happen to the 4 activated scaner and 3 extra raid planets ?
      They will be automaticlly deleted/dissabled or system will not allow the reset until i will not delete them.
      Or it ill stay the way it is ?
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