Human VS Virus

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    • Human VS Virus

      Viruses are honest creatures. Exist. They follow their course of life. They do not discriminate. They don't choose. They live.
      Humans. We are all different. Good and bad are the subject of countless books.

      Crisis and opportunity. The Chinese character is the same.
      Even at this time of crisis, we have to distinguish between opportunity and opportunism.
      Fortunately the owners of the game are civilized people. The opportunity in the crisis is used within reason. Take advantage of the confinement, provide a service to the community, try to sell more, without increasing prices. I agree. Confined people need distraction. Take the opportunity to grow and develop accounts. I agree too.
      Unconfined people will be harmed relatively. They will be less or not active. I don't see how to help them in these events. Fortune favors some over others. I accept it - it's life.
      I want to thank everyone who works to safeguard others.
      I ask everyone to forgive me. I am making a comparison with the great citizens of the world who sell masks and other necessities for fortunes. Opportunism. The human gender at its worst. :(