Dark Gate merge and other changes (SI v1.11)

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    • Dark Gate merge and other changes (SI v1.11)

      Hello Space Pilots!

      Today we want to give you all information about the transfer of the Dark Gate into the Universes RETRO and Nexus. At the same time, you will also receive all information for down phases, attack protection and galaxy system reductions.

      The following schedule is planned (all times are in CET)
      • Sunday, March 29th at 11:59:59 pm - the Dark Gate will be switched off
      • The RETRO and Nexus Universe will be shut down on Monday, March 30th at 4 pm
        • a login is no longer possible
        • all flights will be recalled (including escape flights!)
      • We'll remove systems of the universe in the following two hours
      • back at 6 pm - you can:
        • transfer your Dark Gate account to the RETRO or Nexus universes
        • or (alternatively) transfer 20% of the Spice value of your Dark Gate account to your Nexus or RETRO account
          • this 20% spice value can also be transferred to other SpaceInvasion accounts linked to the BitMeUp account.
        • log back in to your Nexus or RETRO account normally
      • Attack protection will be set until April 5 at 23:59:59
      • all planets can be moved for 3 days (until April 1st, 23:59:59) - this also applies to players who transfer from the Dark Gate!
      • The Dark Gate Transfer is available until April 19th

      What needs to be considered when downsizing the universe?
      • the systems (we have already marked) will be removed and all subsequent planets will be moved accordingly.
      • this shift does not change temperatures or positions (on the map)
      • the coordinates of your planets will change
      • repositioning the planets will change the IDs and coordinates. External tools (e.g. Bald_Eagles SI tool, SI archives) may have to be re-initialized!

      The following changes are also planned from March 30th with the reduction for all universes.
      • the number of active Galaxy scanners is limited to 3 in all universes. It takes 24 hours to activate a scanner or 24 hours to deactivate a scanner.
      • During the period of attack protection (March 30th - April 5th) you will be able to downgrade your all Asteroid buildings under these conditions:
        • get 100% of the construction costs refunded
        • downgrading takes a maximum of 5 minutes (regardless of the level)
      • Specializations are available in all universes. We want to integrate this as an test for April.
        • We would like to see your feedback in normal universes, in order to then determine whether the specializations should be changed or removed from the game after the test phase in order to carry out another revision
        • the following changes will come into effect for the test phase:
          • the shield dome bonus for the miner specialization is strengthened
          • the 4th specialization point for the activity in the game (not entering the holiday mode) is already assigned after 7 days (later 90 days are planned!)
          • resetting your specializations points is possible after 7 days in the test period

      If you still have an account in the target universe, but you would like to transfer to with your Dark Gate account, please write to the GO team (using the GO button) and ask for deletion.
      Please note that your fleets have to be safe and are not destroyed by you. The regulation of fleet provision and farewell fights continue to apply!

      Please contact us for any problem or question do you may have.

      We wish you a lot of fun in SpaceInvasion!

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion Team
    • Hello Space Pilots!

      some innovations have just gone online:
      • upplasma and energy reserves are now widely available in your BitMeUp accounts
        • We have transferred all the urplasma from all of your SpaceInvasion accounts that are linked to your BitMeUp account to your new BitMeUp wide urplasma account.
        • Purchased urplasma will now be available on all linked SpaceInvasion accounts
      • Unlinked accounts have now been deleted.
        • we have now deleted all unlinked accounts globally. This means that usernames / player names that were previously blocked are now available again
      • You will now find the new favorites list in the game.
        • On the right edge of the screen you can open it by mouseover.
        • You can add planets using the galaxy map. Each planet can be added to up to 5 color categories. You can then filter by categories in the favorites list.
        • We want to make this feature available to you all for a test phase. It is planned to give this to the Spy Assistant later as a new function.

      Your SpaceInvasion team
    • Hello Space Pilots!

      the following changes will come to the universes this night:

      • Fleet fleet speed has been adjusted
        • Each specialization point corresponds to a level of research (diffusion engine, warp drive, rocket engine)
      • Players in vacation mode are shown in blue in the favorites bar

      Your SpaceInvasion team