CoolDown period to reactivating VM

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    • CoolDown period to reactivating VM

      I would like to see that being in Vacation Mode that it costs the player resource's for everyday in vacation mode.
      So for every, hour in vacation it costs the player (0.05*Players total points in Spice) For every Hour in vacation mode. The player would have to select which planet to pay this on leaving vacation mode. If the player can't pay in spice it's same spice value is then applied to next most valuable resource.

      To me Spice then Metal then Kryptonite and last would be Pig Iron.
    • 0.05 for a 1kkk points player means 50.000.000 Spice PER HOUR so 24hours are spice.

      Did you want to let these blue players remove from the game or what exactly do you want with this kind of suggestions.

      BTW: there is a resource costs with the 0% production (not yet, because of the event right now, but normaly you have no production)
    • Maybe the calculation value as you say a bit excessive but the idea itself if players had a small proportion of their supplies taken on leaving VM then they may have to then at least play for more, then just leaving spying a few players then going back into VM. That was more the general idea of it. It was more to stop the vacation hoppers. I really haven't got anything against them but it has become a strategic part to the game a player hides in VM then all of a sudden comes out spies does attacks then goes straight back into VM. So unless you attack them straight away you lose your chance because as soon as they land they EF then VM.

      Even a cooldown period between, exiting and reactivating VM.Would solve this problem.

      So to say you have weekend players. Players that only play weekends so at least a cooldown period of 48 hours at the least between, exiting and reactivating VM.

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    • This is one direction we could go for ...

      but general - im thinking a bit other way.
      If these players play only some hours; why you try to make the life harder for them? Why they should still play a so old browsergame anymore?
      The answer is simple - they don't want to do it anymore!

      So, what i already wrote with our internal team was that we allow a fully working vm for everyone with 100% production, building, researching etc etc.
      So you could play spaceinvasion like a farm game.

      But, if you go out of vm you could get nice benefits like a 4x production, maybe ship productions only possible outside of vm, get a extra planet, access to specializations etc etc - i think you know what i mean.

      So, we could catch these players who have no time or don't would make spaceinvasion as one of there "main" games; but we have them still in game and - maybe - they will switch to "out of vm" sometimes.
    • Now that is and option you have there it would be benefiting those who stay out of VM but still keeping those who only can play here and there. But maybe you could make it if you actually perform an attack that there is a cooldown to being able to activate the VM. As it not nice to see players use VM to shield against spy probes and retaliation after they attack you. It's kind of frustrating.