What would players like as optimum Fleet Speed for attack runs ?

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    • What would players like as optimum Fleet Speed for attack runs ?

      optimum Fleet Speed for attack runs 13
        Or just the normal attack run speed of x 1 (7) 54%
        10 minutes (2) 15%
        20 minutes (2) 15%
        1 minute (1) 8%
        15 minutes (1) 8%
        5 minutes (0) 0%
      Please participate......

      Ok you may see that I have put actual exact time frame. This was done due to when speed of flight times are by a certain amount usually an exact time frame is given for attack runs.

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    • Sinnlose Frage / Abstimmung. Wer es schneller will soll in Speedunis, oder schneller laufende EndlosUnis.
      Ansonsten is für reine Fleeter so gering wie möglich, für reine Miner so lang wie möglich und für Hybride so irgendwie dazwischen das "optimum".
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    • The only Senseless thing here is your comment about it being Senseless. One track minds never seem to adapt !!! Ok Pure Fleeter would also be thinking about "What if I am attacked do I want it to a speed where I haven't the time to escape." The question was put forward to scope what people think a good optimum speed is. One needs to think not only of Attacking but also if they are on the receiving end, how fast a speed they would want to react to attacks as well.

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    • Unfortunately, I must agree with cruelshac here. The different speed unis provide different options for players. I cannot see any reason for this question. Of course some like it slow, and some like it fast. How many? Look at the participation in the various speed unis.
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    • Fodsey it is more of a general question. It really depends on the numbers whether it is worth then bringing up as Suggestion. If the numbers involved are small then it's not worth the hassell. But if the numbers involved are a good amount then it's worth bringing up as a Suggestion within the future. Plus it would also alter how the suggestion is put across. Because really at the moment the number's involved in the voting it would be pointless exercise to bring up as a Suggestion.

      The Poll is open till May 20 2020 12:00am So it was basically for 2 Months to try to scope how player's feel and in which direction a future Suggestion on the topic would lead.
    • Only one of your options gives a speed at all (1x). All the others are fixed time units, which would completely negate the effects of all drive technologies you can research in the game.
      Even if you would allow drive tech to have an impact, a base frame of 1-20min is much too low to make a meaningful difference.
      Therefore, only the last option is a valid answer.