Event: Rubble hunt!

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    • Event: Rubble hunt!

      Hello Spacepilots!

      the current situation is very critical worldwide. For each of us, the Corona Virus will change the daily life. We urge you to follow the rules laid down by your government.

      Even if a quarantine period at home is very boring, it is important that everyone adheres to it in order to limit the spread.

      We would therefore like to give you a task in SpaceInvasion.
      rubblefields will appear in the entire SI2 universe.

      The task for your alliance:
      You must recycle 10,000,000 resources for each active member of your alliance. You can receive up to + 50% more production!

      Your personal task:
      Recycle 10,000,000 resources. Activate up to +50% more production!

      Both bonuses are reset every day at 8 pm (CET). The event starts at 8pm today and is expected to run until April 2nd.

      The production of all inactive players is also increased by 100%.

      At the same time, we want to offer all players who decide to go into vacation mode the opportunity to continue to grow. We will therefore set the vacation production to 100% for the event period.

      The urplasma for participation in the Aurea Test universe was just paid out to the participants and the universe was added onto the Hall of Fame.

      We wish you a lot of fun in space!

      Best wishes
      Your SpaceInvasion team