Event: bandit hunt!

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    • Event: bandit hunt!

      Hello Damorians!

      the current situation is very critical worldwide. For each of us, the Corona Virus will change the daily life. We urge you to follow the rules laid down by your government.

      Even if a quarantine period at home is very boring, it is important that everyone adheres to it in order to limit the spread.

      The Damoria team therefore gives you an important task in Damoria! Attack (with min. 100,000 units) bandit camps to increase your and your Alliance mates production by up to 100% (for 1,000 attacks)!
      The counter will be reseted at 8 pm (CET).

      You will also receive a free Gold Castle upgrade as soon as you have completed 1,000 attacks on bandit camps (with at least 100,000 units)!

      The event is expected to be available to you until March 26th

      We hope to entertain you a little bit with this event :)

      best regards
      Your Damoria team