Font settings for game interface

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    • Font settings for game interface

      Would it be possible to allow a player to have a choice of Font Settings to use for the game interface.
      As the Font Impact is a much easier Font for use with mobile device's. It is much clearer also for visually impaired people to read.

      You could also allow the Font type setting to be set by a persons selection on their browser which would allow player's to select what font they would like to have displayed by going into their browser's Font setting's. If you were to do this I have checked the google chrome has an extension for advanced font settings which then allows for font's for graphical character language's like the Asian and Arabic language's. This would also mean a player from those countries would be able to use a browser like Google Chrome to automatically translate Space Invasion. This would mean that player's from anywhere in the world would be able to view the game in their own language and would re-leave the programmers of Space Invasion to not have to worry about making the different translation formats for the different languages. It's just an idea I hope you take into consideration.

      Kind Regard's