player banned for life

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    • player banned for life

      hello everyone team of damoria is player of damoria

      now that there is more war on damoria i propose:

      to give a little life to damoria it would be nice to make all players who are banned for life gray, it represents a lot of castles, it could give a little life to damoria.

      what do you think ???


    • I think the reason why these players don't turn grey is that it would make it possible that the banned player or his/her friends benefit from the castles they lost.
      This would mean they didn't get the punishment they deserved when they got banned in the first place.

      I think there are only two options:
      1) You delete these castles/accounts so they can't benefit from it.
      2) You give these players a second chance and let them play again. All be it with a severe punishment to their castles/troops (in accordance with the reason they are banned).
    • I 'm a member of the team for only a short time now and I do not know what has been discussed about these castles in the past. However, I can imagine that a lot has to be sorted out before something can be done about the banned accounts. Think of privacy rules, property rights, possibly paid but not delivered services because of the the ban.
      I can imagine that there has not been time to sort this complicated puzzle yet.
    • i was over 20 players banned , players who is close to my streng military , some players have 70 castle also some only 1 but they aredi banned from 1 years . Was better after 1 years to be grey castle , what is the point to have loot of banned players and castle on map?
    • There is a reason why these players are excluded for life.
      They broke the rules and cheated and most important treated Damoria and all other players disrespectfully.
      Rightly that these players are excluded.
      It also means that their castles have been built unlawfully.
      These castles do not deserve to survive and must be destroyed.
      In addition, most of these castles are located in the territory of the alliance to which they belonged.
      The option that everyone can conquer these castles is nonsense of course.
      Before your troops arrive, they have already been conquered by the original alliance, who then strengthen their positions with these illegal castles.
      Even more inequality and cheating.
      I vote in favor of destroying these castles, regardless of history or owner.