Valentines Day 2020

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    • Valentines Day 2020

      Hello Space Pilots!

      Love is in the air - it is time to search for love in the universe!

      This weekend starting Friday, February 14th, 0 am (CET) to Sunday 23:59:59 (CET), you and your alliance can find hearts in the universe and collect them with the “Heart Search” event flight !.
      For every active alliance member (active in the last 7 days) you have to find 250 hearts to activate the maximum of +100% production. Already partial amounts already give you a bonus. This is always reset at midnight - then you have to find the hearts again!

      Also this weekend - for the first time ever - there will be a Spacia event. For the universes Nexus, RETRO and SI2, we have already let Spacia spawn in the universe for the event period.
      Spacia will appear as yellow on the galaxy map on the start.
      In the above period, all inactive players will automatically produce 100% more resources (not just Spacia!).

      The following bonuses will also be activated for you:
      • get 4 additional free spins on the IDT for your daily login
      • get the 4-fold yield (dark gate 1.5-fold) from the interdimensional transmitter

      We wish you a lot of fun and may the hearts be with you! :)

      Your SpaceInvasion team