Changes to Asteroids

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    • I personally think, they should remain but with a limited range.
      something like 5 or 10 systems sounds like a good think.

      ...if there is something to be limited, then it should be the amount of scanners.
      In times like these many players use the roids as additional fleet slots.
      However, there is not necessarily a scanner on each road needed...
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      for 2 reasons:

      I think when you have an asteroid
      1 °) we spent a max of time to have it and a max of fleet of fleet lost for some
      2 °) we have to SPEND a max of resource to mount it
      3 °) that would be useful for what to clamp an asteroid ... ??

      just to bridle the stiffnesses ..; so ultimately it is no longer useful to have an asteroid ... ??
      there are a lot of players who have asteros that only serve as a warehouse

      so I think we should let the players make their games ... it's a war game and the asteroids come in and are assets for wars so we must not restrain them

      now if you decide that radars will see no further than 10 systems

      1 °) what will be the compensation for the players who have radars at LVL 14 -15 ... who have to spend MILLIONS to build them .. ???
      2 °) Do you find it normal that this changes .. ?? is this the ethics of an inter-galactic war game?
      3 °) do you always think you are in a space game or in farm town .. ??
      I understand very well that it is necessary to make changes so that the game is
      more constructive
      more attractive
      more ... more .... more ok but to restrain a game I think it is not the right solution


      NOW 2 nd question
      and who will deliver a lot of things and litigation

      I take a random example

      I am in 10/55/01 oki !!! the 1st player who is RED is in 10/50/14 no problem for me because it is a target for me to die
      10/51 - 52 - 53 there is NO PERSON
      so you have removed ALL the palettes == OKI we are not against
      on the other hand little question
      - HOW LONG will I take to go and stiffen the players in 10/50 ..... ???
      - is 5 systems .. ?? where is it from 1 system since there are no more planets between 10/55 and 10/50 .. ??
      it puts a lot into account § !!!
    • I think the activity of fleet movements is dropped because of fear of interception - so the scanner does create a passive play style.

      1 - will 90% of the people actually become more active without roid fear? I'm not sure.
      2 - Again - is the better answer maybe still waiting somewhere at the back of someone's mind?

      For example, consider this:

      Instead of removing the asteroid dynamic (it is a really foundational part of SI gameplay), maybe we should be doing some kind of interception insurance. NOT fleet loss insurance, but only interception insurance.

      I don't know what the answer is. I think the fear of flying must be addressed. But losing the asteroid dynamic will be sad...

      I would like to see a summer of test universes where ideas can be played with. No account transfers from these test universes, no spice transfers either. Some ideas:
      1. Miners Dream - 10x uni, 0.5x flight speed
      2. Roid free speed uni
      3. Fleet loss compensation tests
      4. Mobile solar cell (can EF)
      5. ISB as a mobile base
      6. The bonus point system for fleeter/miner/researcher proposal
      7. etc...

      The more people play with new ideas, the more something might be discovered that could be a "game-changer".
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    • -ThePrototype- wrote:

      I would advise not to change anything at first. wait a few weeks after the reorganization of the galaxies before seeing whether or not to change something to the asteroids.
      the idea was to obtain to anyone a planet move with transfer of dark gate player and this reduction.

      If we want to change here anything; this planet moves can be used to optimize the astroid scanner ranges / network of your alliance. So you wouldn't have a better time to plan and implement changes here.
    • Asteroids: remain as they are. I (and many otrhers) worked diligently, sacrificed resources, and use them as a critical part of our war effort.

      Removal of unused "universes" (or are they really galaxies?): good idea - there was a LOT of empty space out there, no pun intended. Why not made it a nice round number, though: 10 galaxies.

      Then, reduce the number of solar systems in a galaxy from 400 to 360. After all, a galaxy is disk-shaped, and this would relate to degrees.

      Next, all those 1-planet solar systems within "working" galaxies: what a HORRIBLE idea! How about this instead (and I proposed it over a year ago): have a variable number of planets in each solar system... between 3 and 16. Not 1 or 2, however.... makes defense a bit TOO easy! This is a war game, after all! Not every solar system needs 16 planets - get rid of some of those unused ones!

      And for icing on the cake...make the planets orbit the sun, as you've made roids orbit planets in the new screens!