Changes to Sirius and Dark Gate

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    • Changes to Sirius and Dark Gate

      Hello Spacepilots!

      Today we'd like to introduce changes to the Sirius and Dark Gate universes that have arisen from recent events:

      Dark Gate:
      Here it is now possible to get an asteroid every 3 days instead of having to wait 30 days for the astro shot! Since the universe has the 10x speed, it only makes sense that the Astro shot is not 30 days away!

      Furthermore, it will be possible in the future to fly all flights except for attacks without the minimum flight time of 5 minutes. This change resulted from the survey that ran in Dark Gate.

      The number of possible asteroids has been adjusted to 3. The reason for this was that it was already possible to have 3 Astroids and there are several players who have 3 of them.

      Here is a small bonus code for active forum readers:

      (redeem until 24. Jan 2020)

      best regards
      Your SpaceInvasion team